The Danish term “Hygge” (pronounced as Hyoo-gah) refers to the feeling of warmth, coziness and joy from the simple things in life.
Hygge is an essential element of Danish culture – they have to endure long, cold, dark winters and they embrace this time by making their homes more “Hygge” – from curling up infront of the fireplace with a hot chocolate and a good book in the low light, to sharing a warm hearty meal, a bottle of organic wine and a good belly laugh with a group of friends.
Hygge is all about immersing yourself in a setting that soothes your soul.

Even though Hygge-life is associated with the winter and fall seasons, it is meant to be enjoyed all year round. In this blog, you will learn how to create a Hygge sanctuary in your sitting room for the winter ahead.

Firstly, choose a warm neutral palette for your house to create a relaxing space that radiates harmony. Neutral tones are the ideal backdrop for a space with comfy armchairs layered with cosy cushions, textured throws and shawls. Colourtrend’s colours Temperance, Oyster Bed, Subtle & Lowland are excellent shades to choose to keep your base neutral – leaving you open to add in colour pops through your accessories. Colourtrend

It’s a good idea to avoid using velvet and leather fabrics as they contribute to a feeling of  formality. Hygge calls for materials that make you want to cuddle up with a warm cup of  hot chocolate and a great read. 

Aurora cushion covers
Plaid honey green
Pink white cushion

Adding an outdoor vibe of warmth and nature is an excellent way to create the perfect  Hygge feeling of cosiness. There is nothing more comfortable and welcoming than a well lit fireplace and candles. Like a warm hug, a wood burning fireplace creates an instant  cosy atmosphere. Only wood burning fires can produce crackling sounds and dynamic  flame ambience, an element that has been said to reduce blood pressure and help you  relax.

Tempan bronze hurricane
Napoule rattan lantern
Helen james considered-beeswax dinner candle pack
Helen james considered beeswax pillar

It’s also important to bring the outside in – surround yourself with beautiful greenery in  charming plant hangers, use a rustic wooden stool to hold your cup of tea and biscuits  and fill your home with fresh flowers to help boost your mood and brighten your home.

Eden plant hanger
Sanza wood stool

One of the most critical factors of a Hygge environment is the right lighting. Consider  turning off any bright overhead lights and using accent lamps to warm up dark spaces  and add a splash of warmth and comfort. Creating a warm, even glow around the edges  of your living room is key, especially if you are working with a north-facing living room. 

Jasmina lantern
Table lamp lantern jurre bronze

Embrace some of life’s greatest pleasures and comforts with the Danish practice of  Hygge. Bring it to another level with Bodhi Boutique’s boho statement pieces for a  fantastic fusion.

Fairy lights: the secret weapon of any Hygge-esque room, they are most definitely the  easiest (and cheapest) way to create some ambience with your living room lighting. String them up over picture frames, along mantelpieces or around windows for some modern  day candle light. Make sure you choose the “warm white” option for a cosy glow. 

Hope you enjoyed my hygge your home tip’s services

Sarah Petersen